DIY stores can be overwhelming, and a few years ago there was almost nothing designed for women because they weren’t expected to DIY, but I think the industry is starting to catch up. I need to know that I can do the job effectively and well, so it’s preferable to have something manageable in terms of size and weight. Technology has come on a lot in that area and tools are much lighter now. When it comes to new tools technology has advanced a lot as well, but there many gadgets that come and go. They purport to make life much easier, but they are often gimmicks.

1. Eco-Ezee Paint Trays and Brushes
On the programmes I do, you find there’s a lot of waste. People don’t like to wash things out and they end up in the skip at the end of the job, which I find pretty upsetting. These paint trays hardly need any cleaning out and they’re biodegradable so if you can’t be bothered to wash them at least they aren’t made of plastic.
• trays £1.50, brushes from £3.95

2. Frogtape
Masking tape inevitably rips the paint off, or it folds up, or the paint seeps underneath it. Frogtape is a miracle – I always have it in my toolbox now: it gives you a very distinct and clear line very easily.
•, £6.79

3. Durofix 10.8v Li-Ion Drill/Driver
This is the most important tool I own. It’s very lightweight but it’s powerful. It’s got great battery life and it charges quickly.
•, £107.99

4. Leica Disto D510 laser measure
It can log all the measurements for a room in a few seconds and this new model is even more fabulous because it links up with an app via Bluetooth, where you can add the measurements to photographs and remember exactly which measurement refers to what. It can even connect to a CAD system and draw out the room for you.
•, £478.80

5. Stanley Cordless Gluegun
The strength of the glue can deal with all kinds of things you wouldn’t think could be glued and because it’s cordless it can get into difficult places. It’s very precise and comparatively cheap to use – contact adhesives are expensive these days and they often have quite a short shelf-life, whereas the glue rods for these are really cheap.
•, £15.99