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Updated: Apr 3, 2018

I'm really not one for adhering to the latest interior fashion per-se, but, when something cheeky comes along that makes me smile or go "oooh", I take notice and it may creep in to my work or home. I also get more than a little cross when 'influencers' decide a new look is now old news and done and dusted before the majority of people (and manufacturers) have had a chance to catch up. To be excited about a new colour scheme or accessory in your home is a wonderful thing so don't let anyone tell you you're suddenly off-trend before you've even opened the wrapper.

And so to the glorious (but so last year) flamingo...

Illustration by John James Audubon

Standing at the door of the Pink Flamingo, crying in the rain....

Photo by Graham and Green

This majestic and rather curious creature brazenly strutted into the interiors and homewares shows a couple of years ago capturing the imagination of interiors addicts and designers alike. As with most interiors trends, the flamingo craze started in the fashion world with Marc Jacobs featuring the exotic bird in 2014. By the following season several other fashion houses had jumped onboard and by 2016 the flutter had become a veritable flock across both fashion and interiors.

Flamingo and Pineapple Tea-Towel by Yvonne Ellen

Known as the icon of all things 'kitsch', the flamingo has received bad press over the years (and we are all so over the inflatable pool flamingo), but, chosen with a degree of subtlety, there are flamingo-inspired furnishings crying out for ongoing attention. And if you can combine a flamingo and a pineapple (this year's exotic fashion object du l'année) you will be both on and off-trend in one hit. Genius.

Watercolour Prints by Joanna Szmerdt

Despite being a fan of a neutral palette, there are occasions when a shock of colour can bring a much-needed boost to a dark room or dull corner. Flamingo Pink, an advancing colour, will always grab the attention and is useful to draw the eye to a surface or piece of furniture. I will regularly introduce 'quirky' and fun motifs to a scheme as it can really help to lift the energy and add personality to a space. Flamingo pink sits proud against a mid/dark-grey wall, as illustrated in the pic above, or creates a focus to a neutral beige scheme (below).

Flamingos scenic wallpaper by de Gournay

India Jane V&A Flamingo Cushion

If all you're after is the 'essence of flamingo', that awesome punchy pink colour with a rock'n'roll edge, look no further than a splash of paint to a statement piece of furniture or woodwork to bring life to your interior vibe.

Chalk paint for furniture by Vintage Rocks

Whether the general interest dies like a Dodo or hangs around awhile, for me, there will always be a place in my home for the not-so-humble flamingo, even if only as a feature on my dinner table and sofa cushions. Oh and maybe the odd cheeky lamp..

Monochrome plate set by Yvonne Ellen

Flamingo lamp and shade by Rockett St George

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