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Updated: Mar 15, 2018

It is with huge excitement that I have received the new Spring catalogues from my favourite online and retail suppliers this week! Here's a run-down of the overriding trends and products to look out for and a few of my personal 'must haves' this season.

It brings great joy to my heart when an interiors catalogue arrives summoning the new look and feel of the season ahead, particularly in Spring following a grey and gloomy month or three. Whilst I have to keep an eye across the board to comprehend the direction and trends, its those that fit my signature 'Relaxed Home' vibe that I cosy-up with on the sofa with my coffee [note - no biscuit this time of year.. Spring also heralds less baggy clothing.. can't have everything]

“Rustic and industrial styling have taken on an elegant edge this year and its an exciting and vibrant combo mixing a brushed warm metallic finish and luxe velvet alongside raw, aged timber and distressed paintwork.”

So what's the key look?

Gold and brass, people, gold and brass!

After decades of chrome and steel in the home, warm metallics have taken over in a BIG way. Copper was last year's metallic de l'année and for 2018 there is just no escaping matt, brushed, beaten and polished GOLD! And I must say I am loving it. There's something a little cheeky about the overtly luxurious nature of the finish that sashays its way past the utilitarian, industrial finishes brightening the energy and shaking it all up. Brass too has joined the party this year making a slightly less in-your-face statement, but warming the cockles of an interior all the same.

Graham and Green are masters at this very specific combo and one of my favourite pieces of theirs is the Umberto Writing Table which marries solid natural timber with brass legs. The effect retains a raw, masculine vibe but the brass finish adds a little fire and refinement to the look.

Umberto Writing Table by Graham and Green

With a more elegant vibe, but looking equally fabulous in a relaxed environment, I am very excited about the Estere gold and marble side tables. I first saw them in the reception of 'The Curtain' hotel in Shoreditch last week and thought, as usual, "ooh lovely, but I'll never find the supplier". Next day, G&G catalogue falls on the mat and there they are. That literally never happens...#result

Estere Gold and Marble Side Table by Graham and Green

Cool Rustic Vibes

Nordic House are about to release their new Spring/Summer collection and, as per, I adore all their new offerings which combine to create a simple, cosy and super-cool interior vibe. There's something about this look that just allows you to b r e a t h e .. Embracing my signature palette of cool neutrals, organic materials and luscious texture, two of my favourite new pieces are the Butterfly Chair in luxe leather; architectural, comfy and a statement piece to last a lifetime, and the Chunky Knit Blanket because, let's face it.. it ain't Summer just yet! I have also fallen a little in love with their Curved Floor Lamp (desk lamp also available) which at £395 is an investment, but I don't think I'd ever tire of the simple lines and mix of materials [oh look.. brass again]. Good interior design should set the scene for specific tasks, inviting you in and making the job at hand a breeze. Creating a reading area such as this is such bliss and you can't help but want to find the time to tuck-in with the papers and a cuppa.

Butterfly Chair by Nordic House

Chunky Knit Blanket by Nordic House

Velvet overload

I write that like I mean it.. seriously, can you ever have too much velvet? Alongside the warm metallics, velvet has taken centre stage and there is a plethora of stunning and luxurious sofas, stools, chairs, throws etc to soften the rustic and industrial trend. Back at Graham and Green, the relaxed, rustic look is amped-up with a pop of 'luxe' in the form of their Monty dining chair in a striking midnight blue. If you are going to use colour in the home, make it a luscious one!

Monty Velvet Chair by Graham and Green

Loaf have long been purveyors of uber-squishy, velvet furniture and their new ranges are a feast. Cuddlemuffin has got to be up there for comfort and style, and frankly, name alone. Now I admit, the image below is of a linen Cuddlemuffin but please don't hold that against me.

The key to a good sofa is finding one that suits your sitting style.. be honest, are you a sloucher, a 'lean on the arm' type, a 'lie-down when I can get away with it', or an upright kind of individual? Its no good sitting primly on a sofa in a showroom to try it out if you'll be sprawled all over it at home wondering why it doesn't quite work for you.

Other important considerations:

1) ample depth of seat [this one is 122cm deep.. that's 4 feet! and that's ample!!]

2) cushions that are soft but don't need plumping all the time [life too short etc]

3) back cushions to sink into

4) a timeless design that isn't too 'funky'

Cuddlemuffin Sofa by Loaf

Storage matters

Storage and display in the home is often problematic, particularly in smaller properties. Having an open shelf without sides or a back will appear 'light' and won't close-down the room in the same way a solid piece would. Assuming it remains neat and uncluttered, ladder storage is a perfect solution for smaller areas making the most of height. In a narrow hall, the tapering of the shelves at the top helps to not narrow the space further. Keep the items on display to one complementary colour palette to ensure a cohesive and neat look. The latest ladder shelf from Cox and Cox is perfection in its combination of materials.

Grey resin and wood ladder shelf unit by Cox and Cox

Bedrooms to linger in

I work hard and have seen my children through to adulthood without one of them falling under a bus, so when I have the opportunity to have a long lie-in in bed .. I take it, without any guilt whatsoever. #ifitsokforJohnandYoko

In order to have the best experience whether for a night's sleep or lazy Sunday mornings, I have always bought the highest quality bedding I can afford. Up until recently I wouldn't have slept soundly without pressed, cotton sheets but in line with my 'relaxed home' ethos, I have invested in linen sheets that don't need ironing [wonder of wonders!]. The lightly crumpled appearance is surprisingly welcoming for a neat-freak like me and I have embraced the new look wholeheartedly! Similarly I haven't veered from white bedlinen in 20-something years, but I have a complete lust for these new Blush Pink Linen Sheets from Cox and Cox and combined with grey velvet cushions.. yes please. Notice the brass lamp that has crept into their product shot. It seems no lifestyle shoot is complete without one this year...

Julia x

Washed Linen Soft Blush by Cox and Cox

Download Graham and Green's catalogue here

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