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Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Following on from last year's obsession with 'greenery', both the Pantone colour and the revival of the indoor plant, 2018 sees a new twist with the emphasis on 'patterned leaves' and contrasting leaf shapes. To my eyes its all rather '70s', but I think we're ready for it!

Despite the fact I am a renowned indoor plant murderer, I often use plants in my schemes to add a natural energy to a space. A living (whilst not for long in my house) specimen can lift a dull corner and a whole collection of thriving plants can transform an otherwise 'flat' atmosphere and will breathe new life into your home. Well not literally, but they do do a mighty good job in absorbing airborne nasties and toxic chemicals [more on that at the bottom of the page] and reducing stress levels.

"There's no doubt any self-respecting interior should boast at least a Ficus or two and the more striking the combination of plants, the better".

And keeping indoor plants portrays a certain personality. It makes you look like you are caring and sensitive, intelligent even [It is a well-known fact that all university professors have houses filled with plants and books. Well I might have made that up but it certainly sounds right].

Cacti have been extremely popular the past 12 months or so, but they're just not for me. They are, after all, prickly and thorny little b*ggers and I just don't want that vibe in my house.. it goes completely against my philosophy for cosy, relaxed, 'don't want to be stabbed as I walk past' interiors..

Succulents on the other hand.. now you're talking. They absolutely rock the 'look of the moment' and are, apparently, easy to look after. We'll see. I have purchased a few in the past month so will let you know in a later blog whether my killer-touch has struck again. I like to plant them in white or stone pots, never coloured, and occasionally in copper or zinc.

Real plants versus faux? Whilst it can't be in doubt that a real 'anything' is better than a fake wannabe, there are times when the only possibility is to fake it. With plants this is the case if you have a dark room where nothing real will survive, you are away a lot and can't be there to water them or you just aren't a nice person and, like me, will kill them without so much as a second glance. The good news is there are some really good faux plants available now that will fool most green warriors.

Here's a few of my favourites..

Potted Faux Crassula Plant by Rose and Grey

Artificial hanging succulent from Not On The High Street

Faux Large Aloe Plant by Cox & Cox

And if you must have a cactus..

Sinai Cactus by Abigail Ahern

But there is truly no better way to create a happy and healthy environment than a collection of well chosen and well looked after real live plants. Given our homes are increasingly airtight to maximise energy efficiency, and we are spending more and more of our time indoors, its pretty vital we look after the interior atmosphere to protect our health and wellbeing. A great many manmade items we bring in to our homes emit potentially damaging compounds (volatile organic compounds, or VOCs) and the cleaning products we use in particular contribute to very poor air quality. As promised, here's a list of the best plants to have in the home to purify the air and reduce air pollution (and look good too).

If you're interested to learn more about the actual science behind this, read NASA's report here.


Bamboo Palm

English Ivy

Peace Lily

Dracaena Marginata

Aloe Vera

Sansevieria Laurentii

And of course, the 70s favourite.. the Spider Plant!

Julia x

Photo via vtwonen.nl

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